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Awakened Energy Mini Retreat Bli Bli Hall 24th February

February 24th

Awakened Energy Mini Retreat

Connect to Greater Forces and Unleash Your Life's Vitality

Welcome to the Awakened Energy Mini Retreat

Discover the boundless power within you at the Awakened Energy Retreat, a sanctuary for those who seek to unite with the greater energy that animates all life. This retreat is a profound call to awaken the dormant energies within, to become attuned to the vibrant currents that connect us to the vastness of existence.

At the heart of this retreat lies the opportunity to delve deep into your inner world, to uncover and engage with the latent energies that reside within. As you participate in our carefully curated practices, you'll find yourself shedding layers of everyday consciousness and stepping into a realm where your truest potential awaits discovery.


What to Expect

  • Dynamic Breathwork: Be introduced to the Wim Hof Method, a revolutionary practice that will charge your body and soul with oxygen, resilience, and focus. This powerful technique is a cornerstone of our retreat, providing you with tools and continued support to integrate this practice into your life.

  • Yin/Yang Yoga: Find harmony in duality as Yin yoga deepens your inner connection, and Yang yoga ignites your physical energy, empowering your journey to awakened vitality.

  • Guided Meditation: Traverse the landscapes of your consciousness with guided meditations designed to anchor you to your higher self, revealing insights in tranquility.

  • Journaling & Freestyle Writing: Articulate the voice of your awakening through reflective writing, with prompts that encourage exploration and freestyle expression of your spiritual narrative.

  • Deep Guided Relaxation: Integrate and absorb the transformative experiences with deep relaxation, vital for grounding the awakened energy within your body and mind

  • Sharing Circle: While sipping on high vibrational tea, join in a circle of sharing, a space where we reflect, connect, and reinforce the bonds of our collective awakening.

Saturday February 10th


Saturday February 24th

Time: 3pm - 6pm

Location: Bli Bli Hall, 87 Willis Road , Bli Bli

Single: $66

Bring a Friend: $88

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This retreat is an invitation to rediscover and remember the essence of who you are, connected to and animated by a greater energy. It's not merely about self-discovery; it's about experiencing the joy of being fully alive and awakened.

Spaces are curated to cultivate an intimate and supportive experience. Book your spot now for the Awakened Energy Retreat and step into the fullness of your energetic potential.

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