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Transform Your Life With Inspired Change


Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse yourself in a weekend of profound transformation at our Awakened Energy Retreat. This unique opportunity is designed specifically for those who are ready to embrace change, unlock their unlimited potential, and create a new reality filled with joy and inspiration.

Nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of Noosa North Shore, our retreat offers a serene sanctuary surrounded by the lush embrace of nature. With towering trees and the gentle whispers of the nearby ocean, this idyllic setting provides the perfect backdrop for your journey of self-discovery and transformation. As you step into this sacred space, you'll feel a deep sense of connection to the natural world around you, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the healing energy of the earth and awaken to the infinite possibilities that await.

Throughout the weekend, you'll delve deep into the mind-body-soul connection, uncovering the power of your thoughts and emotions to shape your reality. With practical tools and effective exercises, you'll learn how to shift your understanding of reality and harness the innate power of your consciousness to manifest lasting change in every aspect of your life.

Our Awakened Energy Retreat offers a rich tapestry of experiences to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. From rejuvenating yoga sessions to transformative meditation practices and powerful breathwork experiences, each moment is an opportunity to awaken to your true potential and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you.

Join us for a weekend of profound insights, heartfelt connections, and joyful transformations as we tap into the boundless source of energy within and awaken to the infinite possibilities that await. Your journey to a life filled with joy, abundance, and inspiration starts here.

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  • Deeper Self-Discovery: Embark on a transformative path to lasting wellbeing, where you'll explore the depths of your inner self and uncover the keys to personal growth and fulfillment.

  • Luxury Accommodation: Indulge in a 5-star retreat for 3 days and 2 nights, where every detail has been meticulously curated to provide you with the ultimate comfort and relaxation.

  • Plant-Based Culinary Delights: Delight your senses with delicious, expertly crafted meals by our personal chef, made from the finest plant-based ingredients to nourish your body and soul.

  • Conscious Food Experiences: Explore the art of mindful dining as you savor each bite with awareness and gratitude, fostering a deeper connection to the food you eat and the journey it took to reach your plate.

  • Mind, Body & Heart Practices:  Engage in a variety of transformative practices, including guided meditations, mental rehearsal, Yin and Yang yoga sessions, breathwork, and Yoga Nidra, designed to harmonize your mind, body, and heart.

  • Master the Process of Change: Learn powerful tools and techniques to navigate the process of change with grace and resilience, empowering you to step into your highest potential and create the life you envision.

  • Relax and Refresh: Immerse yourself in the healing power of nature as you take a dip in the ocean or pool, unwind with a luxurious hot bath or soak in the hot tub, and rejuvenate your spirit with leisurely nature walks amidst the breathtaking surroundings.

  • Unplug and Prioritize Yourself: Disconnect from the noise of daily life and reconnect with yourself as you find mental clarity and inner peace in the tranquil embrace of our retreat sanctuary.

  • Gifted Journals: Reflect, write, and inspire your journey with the gift of a journal, providing you with a sacred space to capture your thoughts, insights, and intentions as you embark on this transformative experience.

  • Cacao/Tea Ceremony: Celebrate new beginnings and honor your intentions in a ceremonial gathering, where you'll come together in community to share love, gratitude, and the joy of transformation.


Upcoming Retreats

May 24th - 26th

July 19th - 21st

October 11th -13th

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What You Will Experience in Our Sanctuary Space

Master the Process of Change: Dive deep into the transformative journey of change as you explore the art of thinking, acting, and feeling differently. Throughout the retreat, you'll be provided with ample opportunities to practice and embody new ways of being.

Explore Yourself: Delve into the depths of your being and discover how to navigate diverse emotional states with grace and self-compassion.
Experience Guided Breathwork: Embark on three powerful guided breathwork journeys designed to unlock inner healing, release stored tension, and cultivate profound states of relaxation and clarity.

Learn Nervous System Regulation: Establish a solid foundation in regulating the nervous system, empowering you to cultivate greater resilience, balance, and inner peace in the face of life's challenges.

Teach Your Body Emotionally What the Future Will Feel Like: Immerse yourself in embodied practices that teach your body to align with the emotions and experiences you desire to manifest in your life.

Mind Transformation: Learn how to shift your brain waves beyond analytical thinking, opening the doors to new possibilities and expanding your capacity for creativity, intuition, and insight.

Heart-Centered Creation: Cultivate Brain & Heart Coherence as you learn to lead and create from the heart, tapping into the wisdom and guidance of your innermost being.

Practice Movement and Breathing: Engage in Yin & Yang Yoga and breathing practices designed to align body and mind, release tension, and enhance vitality and well-being. 

Engage in Self-Inquiry: Embark on a journey of self-discovery through deep self-inquiry processes, fostering greater self-awareness, clarity, and understanding of your inner landscape.

Take-Home Practices: Receive a personalized toolkit of take-home practices to integrate into your daily life, empowering you to continue your journey of growth and transformation long after the retreat ends.

Celebrate Community: Connect with like-minded individuals in a supportive and nurturing environment, fostering deep bonds and lasting friendships that uplift and inspire.

 Indulge in Flavourful and Creative Plant-Based Cuisine 

At our retreat, you'll savour plant-based dishes crafted from scratch using wholesome, nutrient-rich ingredients. Each culinary masterpiece is meticulously crafted to provide nourishment and vitality while captivating your palate with a burst of flavours.


From the freshest locally sourced produce to the meticulous preparation of each dish, our cuisine is a testament to the art of plant-based cooking. We extend a warm invitation for you to join us at our retreat and savour these handcrafted, plant based creations firsthand!

Accommodation & Pricing 

Escape the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Beach Road Holiday Homes! Nestled near the Cooloola-Great Sandy National Park, this idyllic location offers the best of Noosa, combining comfortable luxury with pristine surroundings. Surrounded by natural bushland, breathtaking beaches, and peaceful waterways, you'll discover the path less traveled and embark on an unforgettable adventure.

Take a refreshing dip in the ocean or stroll along the beach to soak in the stunning scenery. Our accommodations provide the perfect setting to unwind, whether you prefer the calm of the sea or a leisurely beach walk. The serene environment encourages self-awareness, allowing you to connect with your thoughts and emotions, and fully embrace the present moment.

Sign up with a friend: $1549 ($775 per person)

Twin Shared luxurious Bedroom with Ensuite $889 per person 

Private Queen Room with Ensuite  : $1229 per person

Address: 5/90 Beach Road Holiday Homes, Noosa North Shore

Meet your team

Yoga Retreat ~ Mariska-9.jpg

   Mariska Swartz

I love to continually learn, improve myself and evolve as a human being.

I feel vast amounts of JOY sharing the magnificent benefits of meditation, yoga  and now, as a breathwork specialist  with others!

My focus is to meet students where they are and then inspire them to move to a better place using the wisdom I’ve gained from experience, knowledge, and self-study. I lead students through connection, compassion, and simple yet profound yoga and breathwork experiences.


My aim is to give students practical, accessible, & relatable opportunities.

Over several training experiences in the U.S., New Zealand & Australia I have learned from world-renowned teachers; Baron Baptiste, Sarah Powers, Rod Stryker, Esther Abraham Hicks & Joe Dispenza. My newly acquired expertise in breathwork has further deepened my understanding of holistic wellness and enriched the range of techniques I offer.


I believe that stillness is a vital component as it gets us in touch with our authentic self & our inner wisdom. My passion for yoga lies in helping & improving the lives of others as well as guiding my own life of continued study & self-evolution.

Meet our Chef_edited.jpg

   Solomon Othollo 

Solomon is the culinary artist behind our retreat. Born in New Zealand and nurtured in India, Solomon discovered his love for Ayurvedic vegetarian cuisine. With a wealth of experience catering for retreats across the globe, he has earned a reputation not only as a sought-after chef but also as a warm, grounded, and loving presence who elevates the nourishing culinary experience.

As a true artist with food every bite is a symphony of tastes that awaken the senses and comfort the soul. His culinary expertise elevates the retreat experience to new heights, making each meal an unforgettable journey of taste and nourishment.

WhatsApp Image 2024-02-21 at 06.00.19 (1).jpeg

   Tori Reid

Tori is a Sunshine Coast-based Intuitive Bodyworker, Soulful Photographer and Somatic Psychotherapist in training. Her intention is to infuse as much love and presence into each moment as possible and has experience with supporting yoga, breath work and women’s retreats and events both in Australia and internationally.


Tori will also be offering a limited number of Intuitive Bodywork sessions at the retreat as well as capturing some of the special moments we will share in a candid style. Bodywork sessions (an intuitive Blend of Kahuna and Relaxation and Remedial if desired)


Sessions can be booked while you’re on retreat @ $110 for 1 hour,  $90 for 45 min or $70 for 30 min.


What Our Retreat Members Say

Everyone needs a place to retreat to, a spot where the world grows quiet enough for the soul to speak.


My day retreat experience -

I had the most amazing time at Mariska's last retreat in Noosa! The place, the people and most of all the food was absolutely amazing!! Mariska held a beautiful and safe container where we all felt heard and safe to explore within whilst gently moving our bodies. I left the retreat feeling revived and overjoyed with the experience. I didn't actually want to leave!

Celestine Fedley


My day retreat experience -

Thoroughly enjoyed the yoga retreat at Noosa north shore, so relaxing and inspiring. Between the yoga, meditation and the amazing food being served, it certainly was an experience not to forget!

Anne Ryan

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